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Puratos Fillings 1kg

Your favorite fillings are now in a more convenient and pipe-ready 1 kg packaging! πŸ₯­ Vivafil Mango 30% Sugar Reduced - Ready to use, bake and freeze stable 30% sugar reduced mango filling πŸ“ Vivafil Strawberry - Ready to use bake and freeze stable strawberry fillings 🍰 Cremfil Classic Dulce de Leche - Ready to use, non-dairy, bake and freeze thaw stable ready dulce de leche flavored cream filling 🍩Cremfil Bavarian Creme - Ready to use, bavarian filling 🍫 Carat Ganache - Ready to use chocolate ganache. Perfect for filling & enrobing.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Plant-based | Organic | Gluten-free | No preservatives | No artificial colors | Non-GMO

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Vivafil Mango 30% Sugar Reduced, Vivafil Strawberry, Cremfil Classic Dulce de Leche, Cremfil Bavarian Creme, Carat Ganache


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